How do you determine the price for Household and Home Shifting?

Ans: The pricing depends on the following factors :-

  •   Items to be Shifted:- The more the items, the higher the cost. Normally the transporter will charge you for a full truckload even if the items to be shifted are less than a truckload. Hence, it is important to talk to the transporter first and find out the load of the truck that will be used for transportation.
  •   Distance to be Covered:- The more the distance, the higher the cost.
  •   Day of Shifting:- Like any business, the Home Shifting industry also has its peak and low seasons. Peak season quotes will be higher than off peak season rates.

Should we book different companies for packing and moving separately, or one company for both?

Ans: It is strongly advised to go with only one company for both packing and moving. This is to ensure 100% responsibility of that company in transporting your goods safely. With different companies for packing and moving, in case of any breakage during transportation, none of the companies will take responsibility for the damage.

Are there any circumstances that could cause delay in my delivery?

Ans: While we try our best to stick to the time schedule we mentioned, but in case of uncontrollable circumstances, if there is any delay then a company official will get in touch with you.