Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Before you book our services read the all term and conditions…


  •    Our hourly price start from the time when the movers reach your doorsteps until the final payment is made.
  •    We don’t charge depot fees.
  •    All hourly priced jobs incur a minimum of 2-hour charge once the removalists arrive at the pickup address even if the job is cancelled.
  •    Time taken over an hour is charged in 30 minutes increment.
  •    We charge return charge on some jobs which is a same hourly price on which the job is booked, and is added on top of the time taken to complete the job.
  •    Customer must pay additional $ 20 per trip to use toll road for toll charges and administration fee.
  •    We don’t use toll roads unless specifically asked for by the customer.
  •    Parking infringement issued during loading or unloading must be paid by customer. (We highly recommend to all customers who are going to move from busy streets hold some space before truck arrival.)
  •    All parking charges must be paid by customer.
  •    At the time of the move, if it is found that the actual job doesn’t match with the information supplied at the time of the booking the customer is liable to pay additional charges to be decided by us, in order to recover the extra cost associated with labour, fuel etc.
  •    We try our best to fit in all the goods to be moved in a single trip in the vehicle decided at the time of the booking, but if an additional trip is required to complete the moving the customer is liable to pay for the hourly charges for the total time taken.
  •    The client, or the client representative, must always be present during the move. The client must show us everything required to be moved and must check that nothing extra is taken, or items missed.
  •    All the fragile items i.e. Decoration items, lamps, etc must be packed by the customer for moving when customer packing stuff byself.
  •    Any extra large item must be notified to the office prior to the move together with full descriptions and picture to the item. (Piano, Gym equipments, etc.) Heavy surcharges may apply for specific items.


  •    Cancellation made more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled moving will be free of any charges.
  •    Cancellation of a booked job in less than 48 hours customer must be paid $ 100 cancellation fee.


  •    All payments must be paid at the completion of the job.
  •    It is the customers responsibility to ensure adequate funds are available before the job has been completed.
  •    Payment for toll and any parking infringement issued due to clients negligence must be paid with all dues.
  •    We just accept cash/visa and master card payments.
  •    On master and visa 3% surcharge applied.
  •    We have the right to demand payment before we unload the goods from the truck if the customer fails to cooperate with the movers.
  •    In case of non payment for our service we reserve the right to seize some of the goods delivered.
  •    In case of seizure of goods due to non payment storage charges would be applicable.
  •    In case of non payment of outstanding amount by the due date we reserve the right to sell the possessed goods to recover cost of our services, after 40 days from the date of the move.


  •    Price included goods in transit insurance up to $50,000 coverage.
  •    Public Liability and property damage up to $1,000,000 coverage.
  •    Insurance will only apply if the client or a representative of the client, is present throughout the duration of the move.
  •    Insurance applys only when items are professionally protected. Insurance will not apply in any case where the customer refuses the professional recomendation as to the safest way of transporting your items.
  •    Insurance will not cover damaged items inside the boxes unless KAHLON MOVERS were responsible for the packing service.
  •    Insurance doesn't cover self-assembled furniture, compressed wood board items and any plastic moving or storage boxes /drawers or similar items due to their inherent fragility.
  •    Insurance does not cover television or computer equipment not packed in their original box.
  •    Insurance does not cover stone including marble, concrete, granite , composite or similar items due to their inherent fragility.
  •    Insurance does not cover electrical fault unless caused by physical damage.
  •    Where customer is helping, We are not liable for any damages.
  •    Any damage caused during the move must be notified to KAHLON MOVERS at the time of the move, before they leave the door of drop off address after job completion.
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